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Every wedding is unique and special, just like the bride and groom.

I tailor my wedding photography price based on the amount of time you will need me for the day,

and the *location of the wedding and reception.

* Is there traveling required outside of the local area which would involve traveling expenses on my part?


My wedding photography rate is $250 per hour which includes two photographers, to give you more photos and more angles in the same amount of time.
Since I charge an hourly rate for my services rather than “Package” prices, you are able to tailor the cost of my wedding photography services to your individual photography needs and budget. You get to name your own price!

Regardless of how long you need/want me to photograph your wedding, your investment always includes:

  1. My services for your wedding day as outlined in the wedding agreement.
  2. A second professional associate photographer.
  3. My skill in developing your wedding images to make them the best they can be.
    My developing and editing time – usually 1 to 1½ times the number of hours I’m at your wedding.
  4. A DVD of high resolution fully edited pictures with a license to print release form.
    You can print and share your images anywhere.
    YES I offer world class albums designed by me and hand made in Italy,
    but NO, you’re not required to buy prints or an album from me.
  5. A DVD music slideshow featuring images of the highlights of your wedding day.


Bonus #1
If you decide to have me at your wedding for at least 4 hours
I’ll include a complimentary engagement photo session and fully edited high resolution photos. (a $375.00 Value)


Bonus #2
I you decide to have me at your wedding for at least 7 hours including the reception
my associate photographer and I will also create your music slideshow featuring images of the highlights of your wedding day as a complimentary SAME DAY slideshow to be presented at your reception. (a $450.00 Value)
You and you guests will get so see emotional memories that they just couldn’t see that day any other way.


Bonus #3
If you decide to have me at your wedding for at least 8 hours, I’ll also include a complimentary 16x20 inch canvas print of any image you choose. (an additional $345.00 Value)

Please read my wedding agreement to review all agreement details. Linked To Below [still being updated for these 2018 prices – coming soon.].

The Wedding Information & Planning Packet, (linked to below) is used by you and me, to document the timeline and details of your wedding day in order to keep the photography part of day running smoothly, and efficiently, so you will get the most and best photos possible in the time you have budgeted for me.  

It will also help you determine how much of your day you need/want me and my associate photographer.  Please download it and review it before we meet for your pre-wedding consultation.

I welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your wedding photography needs. Your vision for your wedding day images is of the utmost importance to me, and I look forward to hearing about your style and plans , so lets talk!

Mark Bohland, M.Photog., M.Ed.
Photographic Artist

“So What Do I Do  Next?”

Contact me today, to schedule your consultation, before someone else books me for that perfect day you want to get married!
In order to give you the best service possible, I only accept 1 wedding a day.

Ways to contact me:

1. Call 419-884-1693
Either I, Miss Debbie or Our Machine will answer.
We strictly forbid Kippy from answering the phone.

2.  Facebook Message me.
Probably the quickest way to get a response if I can’t answer the phone.
Facebook Messaging is my texting.  Facebook.com/MaranathaPhotography

3.  Texting.  I love technology, but I won’t let it control me. — See #2.  🙂

4. E-Mail MarkB@MPhoto.com

I’m excited to meet you, your fiance’, your parents, your best friend, or whoever else is going to share your Wedding Day with you.
Looking forward to your “Best Day Ever,” or at least the best yet!

Not able to budget for a professional to create the images you’ll use to remember and share your wedding day with those who couldn’t be there, and those yet to be born?  I am truly sorry.

Please consider reworking your budget or putting your photographer on you bridal shower list (I can create ways for your friends and family to help, with an online registry.)

BUT, if you really can’t have a professional with you on your wedding day, please download our Wedding Information & Planning Packet below anyway… consider it my gift to you… and use it to help plan the flow of your day, so everyone gets to the reception and beyond without any “schedule stress.”

Click Here To Download Our Wedding Information & Planning Guide
(Online Version Coming Soon)

Click Here To Download Our Wedding Agreement (Coming Soon)