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Recommended Wedding Professionals - Mark Bohland, M.Photog. | Maranatha Photography | 800-669-8512 | 419-884-1693 | Because You Deserve More Than A Snapshot
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800•669•8512 ~~~ 419•884•1693 MarkB@MPhoto.com

People We LOVE To Work With!

Categories & Wedding Team Experts (Alphabetically)

Cakes / Deserts

Not every “wedding cake ” needs to look like what your mother had for her wedding.  In fact it doesn’t even *have* to look like a “wedding cake.”  The guests had a ball deciding which flavor to choose from one of these scrumptious bundt cakes.
Eatmor Bundt Co.

From traditional. to avant garde, to edgy: Iced Cakes is perfect for the bride who wants a showcase wedding cake, like nothing any of her of her guests have ever seen before.

Iced Cakes


Quiet – Unassuming – They just get the job done!
Special Occasion Catering





Of all the people you assemble for your team, only a few are essential to the flow and fun of the day.
Your choice of DJ can make or break your reception.
Choose wisely and you will have eliminated one more possible source of stress




Tony Mitchell  – A consummate professional.
The kind of DJ that will have your guests dancing and enjoying themselves ALL evening.
There will be no dull dead time at your party!

Hitman Entertainment - Tony Mitchell

OK – I don’t have a picture of Jeff Angelini from Nyte-Flyte. It doesn’t matter.
Jeff has a crew of DJs who each have their own style. Quiet to Rockin’ Crazy.
Tell Jeff about the style & mood of YOUR wedding, and he’ll match you with the perfect DJ.
Or book Jeff himself, for another of our areas “A Team” wedding professionals.



Not only are their flowers always beautiful, but Mary Cox of Floral Garden Florist is also one of the top five hardest workers you’ll ever have helping with your wedding.
Floral Garden Florist



Tucked away in the quaint Village of Loudonville, Four Seasons Flowers is a hidden gem. Definitely worth the short,pretty drive.

Four Seasons Flowers & Gifts

Food Truck

You either want a food truck at your wedding (or rehearsal) or you don’t.
Or maybe you haven’t even considered it yet.
If & when you do, here is the place to start!

Philly Buster - Sandwiches & Ice Cream


Whether it is just a driveway party, a backyard reception, or the social event of the season, Randy has it covered.
Not only does he have any color you could need, but he has the styles of linens to match the mood of your event.
And when Randy is in charge of setting up the event, you also get another one of the area’s top five hardest working wedding professionals.  I get to events early, but it’s rare for me to get there before Randy.

Randall J. Laipply - Connie Duglin Linens


Eliminating Wedding Day Stress – By now the theme of hiring professionals to do a professional job should be clear.
Do it right& Eliminate stress.
Whether you could worry about where everyone is going to fit, or whether you could worry about Ohio weather a tent may be just what you need to eliminate that stress.

Prestige Tent Rental


Ohio’s Secret Wedding Venue!
From the chapel, to multiple reception venues, to world class catering, to nice portrait locations – indoors and out, AU probably hase something for you!

Ashland University





Kingwood Center Is Simply Elegant!

Another perfect “all-in-one” venue for your wedding and reception.
Your guests will enjoy their entire day, without having to travel from one place to another.

Do you want your wedding pictures to show that you were married in this fabulous location? Of course you do.
But do you want some portraits in locations that feature YOU more than your location?
The grounds at Kingwood offer opportunities for both.

Kingwood Center



Away from it all, with just a short drive… Less than 10 minutes from “Downtown” Bellville. Rustic & Intimate, but with room to move, and create your own wedding space.

Meadowood Centre

More than *just* a barn.
Indoor – Outdoor – Lakeside Pergola, Conservatory, Historic Bank Barn, Gardens
One of Maranatha Photography’s Favorite Wedding Venues.

Mohican Gardens




What can we say! The Grand Barn, is situated on top of a hill overlooking the Mohican River, it is local for most of us, but is also a genuine “Destination Wedding” venue for people from across the United States.
People in from out of town? “Cabins.”
Wedding overlooking a Mohican River Valley — Of course.
And Maybe Even A Tree-house For You to Stay In.!

The Grand Barn

Wedding Consultants/Planners

.     The whole point of putting together a team of professionals is:
.        >To Make sure you get the best of everything.
.        >To Eliminate Stress!

.     Shanna Stapleton (another of the top five hardest working
.     wedding professionals in the area) is ALL about both of these.
.     Put yourself and your wedding in her hands,
.     communicate your vision of the day, and then relax!
.     Shanna will make certain that everything is the best it can be,
.     and that there is nothing for you to stress over.

Shanna Stapleton - Prospering Life Events

What About Photographers?

(obviously not in alphabetical order)

Yes. I *do* recommend other photographers.

Sometimes I’m already committed for your wedding day, and I want you to have he best photographer that’s still available.

But I don’t refer just anyone.
Think for a moment, about what goes into photographing a wedding.
In just one day, a wedding photographer must be an Individual & Couple Portrait Photographer, a Child Photographer, a Family Photographer, a Commercial Product Photographer (Rings, Cakes, Flowers, Cars), a Photojournalist and more.

It takes more than “someone with a good camera, who takes nice pictures” to stay on task and focused on you, for 8, 10, or 12 hours – often without lunch – to creatively capture the memories of a full wedding day.
So, I’m very careful about who I recommend if I’m already taken for your wedding day.

After the wedding day is over….
.   After the rentals are returned….
.      After what you spent hundreds of dollars for, is now in the trash….
.         After what you spent thousands of dollars for, is headed for the city sanitation department….

The only thing you’ll have left to remember you wedding day….
.   The thing you’ll want to share with your daughter as she snuggles on your lap….
.      Or, someday, with your granddaughter, who somehow doesn’t realize what a gorgeous bride her Grandma was….

Is your collection of wedding images.

The only thing from your wedding that actually grows in value every year as loved ones pass….

Is your collection of wedding images…. hopefully in a storytelling album where they can be enjoyed for generations….
not just on a DVD, the next generation’s equivalent of 8mm movie film with no projector.
(Trivia fact: At one time 8mm was considered the state-of-the-art way to capture weddings at one time. – so sad for so many now.)

So, if I’m not available to preserve the memories of your wedding day, I’ll be sure to recommend someone who I would trust with my own daughter’s, and some day granddaughter’s wedding  images.