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Reserve Your Wedding Date Here (Tentatively) - Mark Bohland, M.Photog. | Maranatha Photography | 800-669-8512 | 419-884-1693 | Because You Deserve More Than A Snapshot
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800•669•8512 ~~~ 419•884•1693 MarkB@MPhoto.com

Use the calendar below to reserve (tentatively) your wedding date.
Reserving your date here puts you first in line for a call from Mark.

Bookings are finalized only after we’ve talked, determined that we’re a good fit for each other, and payment has been made to reserve our time.

Confession & Explanation

When I was a pre-teen (in a previous millennium), it was not unlikely for boys my age to phone neighbors (on land lines of course), lower our voice,  and pretend to be from the electric company.  We’d ask them…… never mind ….. it really wasn’t really that funny.

Young pranksters today, though, are more tech savvy, and are just as likely to keep you from using the calendar below, by claiming every Saturday for the next three years.  Gotta Love Their Creativity!

So…….. after you request a date with your contact information, you will be taken to PayPal where you will be asked to confirm your request with a payment of $1.00 (One Dollar).  That will deter the young Mark’s of the world, 🙂 and I’ll give you the dollar credit on your payment when you actually book me.

Thanks for reserving your wedding date online. Mark

Don’t use or want to use PayPal, just call me to reserve your wedding date at 419-884-1693.
If I’m with someone else, a message on my answering machine, is as good as a reservation on this calendar.

Note: On This Event Calendar, All Friday Weddings Are Listed as 4:00 PM, And All Saturday Weddings Are Listed As 10:00 AM.
That’s just a starting point.


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